Welcome to Ikoinomura Iwate

Ikoinomura Iwate is located against the magnificent backdrop of Mt. Iwate, a place full of natural beauty. Morning and evening each provide you with unique views of this splendid natural landscape. Surrounded by Mt. Iwate and the other mountains, you will be able to enjoy the charming natural landscape and the beauty of all four seasons. In addition, you can experience a tranquil time full of Japanese-style ambiance.

With a natural hot spring, Japanese cuisine, tatami rooms, yukata, the beauty of the four seasons, a magnificent landscape, the morning sun and Mt. Iwate in Ikoinomura Iwate you have a wonderful opportunity to experience the charm of Japan. Located in the heart of the northern Tohoku region, Hachimantai City is a great base from which to explore not only Iwate Prefecture but also Akita and Aomori Prefectures.


  • The ingredients used in our dishes are mainly from Iwate Prefecture and Hachimantai City. Please enjoy the Japanese cuisine that incorporates plenty of local vegetables and fish raised in the melt waters of Mt. Iwate.

    The most delicious ingredients carefully selected by our chef at the height of the season are crafted into the highest quality dishes to serve to our customers.

Hot Springs

  • The large public bath is Japanese style and is known to heal fatigue after a trip.

    The pure alkaline hot spring has the effect of removing aged keratin from the skin. In addition, it protects collagen which makes the skin soft. The lukewarm bath helps your skin retain moisture.

    The pure alkaline hot spring is colorless and transparent. It is well known as “the hot spring for beautiful skin,” as it stimulates natural moisturizers in the skin. Sweating in a sauna of about 90℃ activates the metabolism and removes metabolic waste from your body. It also has a “detox effect”, which is effective in eliminating sensitivity to cold and swelling. A private bath is available for families with small children and guests who need nursing care. Please enjoy this luxurious private space with your family or spouse.

Guest Room

  • Surrounded by Mt. Iwate and other mountains, you can enjoy the enchanting natural landscape and the beauty of the four seasons with a peaceful mind. We encourage you to spend a contemplative moment within this calm space.

    The traditional Japanese style room ensures your comfort throughout your stay.


  • Ikoinomura Iwate offers a variety of benefits for trekking guests. Please make our hotel, which has good access to surrounding areas, the base of your trip and enjoy the trekking.

Hotel Guides

There is a restaurant, a shop, an indoor heated swimming pool, a gymnasium, a karaoke room, an observation room and Shiatsu massage inside the hotel. There are also walking trails, grand golf courses and barbecue sites within the hotel grounds, which you can enjoy alone, or with your family and friends.

Sightseeing around the hotel

The hotel has an accessible location being only a 5-minute drive from Nishine IC on the Tohoku Expressway. It is very convenient to get to Hirosaki and Kakunodate to see the cherry blossom festivals in spring, and in the summer the Aomori Nebuta Festival, the Fireworks display in Oomagari , and the Akita Pole Light Festival.

There is also Towada-Hachimantai National Park worth visiting for its natural trails for trekking around Mt. Iwate, as well as ski and snowboard resorts available nearby in winter.

In addition, you can enjoy the sightseeing spots such as "Chusonji Golden Hall", which was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and "Yakehashiri flow", a special national monument which was formed by a large amount of hardened magma from an eruption of Mt. Iwate.